Orphanage Expansion

The vision of Bob and Barbara Morriss, founders of Asian Hope Missionary Outreach and the Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries, was to create a safe haven for destitute children in the Philippines. They worked tirelessly over a period of ten years to complete the construction of the Children's Home with the Sacred Portion Children's Outreach coming alongside them in 2000 to help bring that vision to completion. Four humble, but well-equipped modern buildings were completed in 2003. These include two children's houses, an administration building and a kitchen/laundry with guest quarters for adoptive families. The Rehoboth Children's Home was registered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development and began receiving children in July 2003. The houses can accomodate at total of 30 children and the Rehoboth Children's Home has been operating at full capacity. Plans are in place to complete construction on phase 2 of the new Baby Home in order to serve more children and to more adequately provide for their needs.

It is crucial that we continue to address the immediate concern of children needing to be rescued from dire circumstances. However, it is imperative that we also look at what causes families in the Philippine culture to break down and what support can be offered to keep them intact. The Sacred Portion Children's Outreach and the Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries are looking to the future with an expanded vision for the Rehoboth Children's Home that will do far more to positively impact the community's health, education and economic needs and thus prevent children from becoming abandoned or orphaned.

To see the exciting master site plan and learn more about our expanded vision and goals, click the link below.

Rehoboth Children's Home Expansion Project - Capital Campaign