Orphan Care

Child Sponsorship

The Need for Sponsorship

Our partner in ministry in the Philippines, Rehoboth Children’s Home, requires a support base for its ongoing operation. While other types of contributions are sporadic or seasonal, a sponsorship program provides a predictable income for meeting the daily needs of children.

In addition to providing consistent income, sponsorship is a way for others to have a role in providing the love and care that can transform the life of a child. Sponsors are often individuals, families, a Sunday School class, a church youth group, or a civic organization.

"He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing."

Deuteronomy 10:18

How to Get Started

Once a sponsor becomes matched with a child, they will receive a description of the chosen child, brief background information, and semi-annual updates on his or her development. Sponsors have the opportunity to send letters and small gifts to their sponsored child.

The sponsorship amount is $45 per month. Since it costs more than this to provide for the many needs of a child at Rehoboth Children’s Home, a sponsor’s gifts will be combined with others to form an extended family of support for each sponsored child.

If you are interested in becoming a child's sponsor, please contact us to learn about available children or make a secure online donation here.


Rehoboth Children’s Home

Rehoboth History

The Rehoboth Children’s Home is a child-caring institution in the mountainous area of Sampaloc, several hours’ travel from Manila, in the Philippines, operated by Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries.

In 1998, the founders of The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach partnered with the founders of Asian Hope Missionary Outreach in Australia for the construction of an orphanage. This project was a direct response to the many Filipino children who live impoverished and in poor health, without the care of a family; the vision was to create a safe haven for these children.

First, the project involved a campaign to make possible the construction of four buildings. Soon, The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach gathered work teams to travel to the Philippines for assisting in person. Friendships were built, and volunteers found that spending time in another culture is invaluable experience. They discovered a Christian unity that can span oceans.

Then, early learning programs were developed for the young children; educational, nurturing environments were designed at Rehoboth Children’s Home as well as at another children’s shelter in the Philippines. There are so many children in the world who are without a family to stimulate normal development during their most formative first years. What is lost in developmental achievement is difficult to restore later in life; thus, the need for early intervention is huge. Supporting orphanages as they develop growth environments for their children is one of the thrusts of our mission and outreach, primarily via our partnership with Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries.

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Rehoboth Impact

Rehoboth Children’s Home was registered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development in 2003, and began welcoming children to its premises. The several homes now constructed on the Rehoboth property can accommodate a total of 48 children, and it usually operates at full capacity. Today, our partnership with Rehoboth Children’s Home consists mainly of child sponsorships, ongoing fundraising and financial support, and periodic trips to the Philippines.

The dozens of children currently thriving at Rehoboth Children’s Home are being cared for in a family atmosphere, receiving love and individual attention from caregivers. A full time social worker is employed, who works diligently to clear for adoption those children who have been abandoned or legally surrendered. To date, Rehoboth Children’s Home has cared for a total of 195 children. Historically, around 2/3 of the children are found eligible and placed for adoption, and around 1/3 of this number are able to be reunited with their birth family following intervention.

It is crucial to address the immediate concern of children being rescued from troubling circumstances. However, it is imperative to also look at what causes families to break down, and what support can help keep them intact. The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach and Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries are looking to the future with a vision to positively impact the community’s health, educational, and economic needs—thus preventing children from becoming abandoned or orphaned.

Hosting Programs

Summer of Hope Logo Winter of Hope Logo

Vacations for Orphans

Our Summer of Hope and Winter of Hope hosting programs are a wonderful opportunity to give orphaned children a family experience and a vacation such as they may have never had. Swimming, boating, horseback riding, soccer, festivals, hiking, skiing, and traveling—these are just a few activities that often make up children’s experiences during a summer camp, a holiday break, or a fun vacation. Summer of Hope and Winter of Hope are unique in that they allow children without families—from around the world—to share in the types of recreation and household life that your family will be doing anyway.

  • Hosting is a great opportunity for host families to interact with someone from a new place and a different culture—and to benefit from having their own experiences and understanding expanded.
  • Hosting is also an opportunity to meet a child whom you might potentially adopt—since hosting expedites the process—or to advocate for these orphans to other families of your acquaintance.

Older Children’s Future

The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach has always had a special focus on older children. Every day, thousands of children reach the age at which they are no longer internationally adoptable and eventually age out of their orphanages. One of their greatest concerns is being forced to leave an institution into a life with no one to belong to and no place to call home. These children have been passed by, year after year, since families generally want to adopt toddlers and may be afraid of the unknowns in adopting an older child.

Our Summer of Hope and Winter of Hope programs can take some of the fear and risk out of adopting an older child—by giving prospective families an opportunity to evaluate first-hand what the challenges and rewards would be. Through our hosting programs, many older orphan children find permanent families as a result of their summer or winter sojourn to the United States.

"I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you."

John 14:18

Interested in Hosting?

Our hosting programs boast an average 75% success rate in finding adoptive families for the children who have come. Over more than fifteen years, a total of 210 children from Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, The Congo, Russia, Colombia, and the Philippines have participated in our agency’s hosting programs. Of those children, in fact, 160 have been adopted or are in the process of being adopted!

Usually, after a family applies to the program, they are able to view profiles of the children available for hosting. In all of the hosting programs conducted by our agency, the children who come for hosted vacations are eligible for adoption. Hosting programs are typically three to four weeks in length. Please, consider this unique opportunity to bless and give hope to a child this year—and possibly into his or her future!

Please contact us to learn about current or future hosting programs.